Connor’s Dream

It is important to Connor’s family and friends that this tournament reflects Connor’s love of soccer as well as his generous spirit and kind heart.

From a very early age Connor wanted to make the world a better place for all.  When he was just four years old, Connor was lying on his back in his bed as his Mom, Jari-Ann, waited and watched as he very slowly waved his arm around.  “Mom, do you know why I’m doing that?  The love is going out of my arm all around the world to everyone.”  Connor often thought about the poor and wondered what he could do to help.

As a young adult, Connor was especially interested in the idea of helping to provide simple, decent, affordable housing for those less fortunate, especially in very poor areas of our world.  Because this was close to Connor’s heart, we are happy to use profits from this soccer tournament to pursue Connor’s dream.  Funds raised through this memorial tournament will be used to encourage potential volunteers to reach out and make a difference.  The Connor Timmons Memorial Soccer Tournament will financially assist local volunteers who share in Connor’s dream to build affordable housing for the poor, whether in North America or some other continent of the world.  Through our financial assistance, dreams of volunteering will be more readily realized, as our contribution will assist in funding their endeavors.  Volunteering is a win-win situation.

In loving memory of an amazing young man, we are thrilled to combine the fun of soccer with an opportunity to help those less fortunate.

Thanks for joining us!!


A Shared Dream

In July 2012, Connor's sister Stephanie had the opportunity to volunteer as a student nurse in Ghana. Thanks, in part, to financial assistance from the Memorial Soccer Tournament, she was able to realize this dream, and she came home with amazing memories and a grateful heart. Her overall impression of Ghana was that these friendly people love three things in life: laughter, God, and football (soccer). The children in these photos were her Ghanaian neighbours. Each day they would kick a ball around in the sand, with bare feet, while avoiding the local goats. They were thrilled to receive Ct3 t-shirts, and they said with great enthusiasm, "Now we're a team!"

Words from Jari-Ann

Connor's mom, Jari-Ann, welcomed participants to the 2014 tournament during the opening ceremonies.  Take some time to read her inspring words.



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