About Connor

Connor TimmonsConnor was a keen, committed athlete who especially enjoyed soccer. He started playing at a very young age and never looked back.  He played on the U-14 provincial team and was fortunate to go to Nationals on two separate occasions – first with his U-18 team and later with the Cape Breton University’s men’s team. His father, Ness, coach of the Cape Breton University Women’s Soccer team, always shared his love of the game with Connor.

Connor was tall (6’4”), talented, easy-going, friendly, and much-loved by those who knew him.  He was a well-respected teammate – a leader both on and off the field. He just completed his third year of university at St. F.X. and planned on becoming a teacher.  Connor would be heard on many occasions saying he was “too blessed to be stressed”.

Connor died in a tragic car accident on May 9th, 2009 – 4 days before his 21st birthday.  He left behind his parents, Ness and Jari-Ann, and his two younger sisters, Stephanie and Hannah.

Connor would be very proud to know there is a charity soccer tournament in his name. Most of his closest friendships were formed through his involvement in the sport. Connor would be the first to encourage young players to get out and enjoy the challenge of the game, along with the camaraderie that comes with belonging to a team. 

About the symbol “C†3


C†3 has shown up on t-shirts, bracelets, tattoos and many other places, including the tournament logo. This has become a catchy, rhyming reminder of Connor, and the gift that he was in the lives of so many.

C†3 came about in the early days after Connor’s death, and it came from his friends: CT – Connor’s initials, and 3 – his favourite jersey number for any team sport. Connor’s friends recognized that his faith was very important to him, so they paid tribute to that fact by altering the “T” to look more like a cross.

The first time C†3 appeared in public was at the end of May, 2009, at the Cabot Trail Relay. Connor had been in training, planning to run with friends in this exciting event. These friends then decided to run in his memory, and had special t-shirts made to honour him (see photos).

C†3 is also included on the “Too Blessed to be Stressed” bracelets that have become very popular. The first 200 bracelets were a gift to the Timmons family, from a friend, and it was not very long before more bracelets had to be ordered, to fill requests from far and wide.

The “Too Blessed” message is a positive one, and one that Connor often used. In his memory, and to carry forward this message of hope, we will be offering bracelets for sale at the tournament. All proceeds will go to our charitable cause.



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